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Fifty Shades of…

WTView: Observations of a Munster Rugby Supporter

Red? Black and blue? Blonde? Steam? Let’s come back to it later


Where would I rather be on Valentine’s day – at the cinema checking out the latest movie releases including the much hyped “50 shades of Grey” or in Cork on a cold misty evening checking out the up and coming Munster players as they resume their league campaign?  No contest really so after watching the first half of Ireland v France on the TV I tuned into the radio coverage and set off for Cork to the upgraded Musgrave Park, now officially known as Irish Independent Park.  My terrace ticket got me into the newly roofed East Terrace renamed as the Red Shed.  The roof was funded by the MRSC and was a welcome enhancement.  I remember getting completely drenched at a game there two years ago; there were steamy windows in the car that night as I had…

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