Stander Up and Fight

WTView: Observations of a Munster Rugby Supporter


What an opening five minutes!  It blew away our nerves and got the 16th man aka the Red Army into the game from the start.  Two line-outs stolen in quick succession gave Munster plenty of possession and territory.  The highlights reel does not do justice to the first try as it focuses on the final few phases but there were twenty and I checked that every player was involved on at least 1 occasion, sometimes as ball carriers, other times to clear out the ruck, protect the ball and prevent a turnover throughout twenty phases.  Even captain Peter O’Mahony who had injured his shoulder in the first line out (but played on until the 18th minute) was involved twice – initially securing the ball when the line-out was stolen and again when the phases were in the teens he was there to protect the ball.  At times it was frantic…

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